“A story of a journey through the brecon beacons, retold in this gin.”



Our label has been attentively designed to replicate the structure and texture found inside the cave.


Explore the map of where the water is collected and the cave aged gin is kept in Dan Yr Ogof Caves on the back of the bottle.


The rustic texture of the rock can be felt under your fingertips.


Discover the naturally occurring stunning touches of golden blush found within the rock.


Inspired by the Brecon Beacons...

Bilberry, Meadow Sweet, Liquorice Root, and Wild Sunflower Root are a few of the botanicals carefully selected to create Wales’s authentic craft gin, Cascave Gin.

Each earthy botanical is distilled to blend the essence of the wild Welsh landscape, with a citrus twist bringing together Cascave’s balanced Welsh gin to life. Enjoy this gin with a premium tonic and citrus garnish to enhance the experience.


Hand collected from Dan yr Ogof Caves...

The water used to cut back Cascave Gin is hand collected from a source within the historic caves of Dan Yr Ogof, deep in the heart of the Brecon Beacons.

The flavour of the gin is enhanced by the mineral-rich water, taken raw from a natural spring deep underground. Ultimately, it’s the cave springs that led this cave to form, and harnessing the power of this water in Cascave Gin is a privilege.

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