Oldest Welsh Cave Makes the Latest Gin

We are excited to announce the launch of Cascave Gin, a pioneering new gin company that encapsulates the natural elements of the surrounding landscape to a degree not seen before in the spirits industry. This female-led family business has created two gins - a Premium Dry Gin and a Cave Aged Gin, the first spirit to be cask aged in a cave.

Cascave Gin begins its journey in the peaks of the Brecon Beacons, inspired by botanicals found in the wild hills including bilberry, meadow sweet, and angelica root. But that is nothing new. What is unique about Cascave Gin is that it follows the course of the water deep below ground to a source 250ft deep in the historic Dan Yr Ogof cave, where water, enriched with pure minerals from the rock, is hand collected to cut back the Gin. 

The result is a balanced gin bursting with fresh junipers, bright citrus notes, and mineral-rich water. Cascave's first Premium Dry Gin is available to buy from their website or Amazon. However, they are not stopping there. 

"We cannot wait to introduce you to our Cave Aged Gin expected to launch Mid November" says Naomi Davies, Co-Founder of Cascave Gin. This Gin is patiently aged in port seasoned oak casks at Dan Yr Ogof Cave, The National Showcaves Center for Wales

The concept of aging spirits in the cool and consistent conditions of the caves is not something explored yet, and we are excited to be the first” shares Naomi. The Angel Passageway, one of the cave's most prominent formations, was carefully chosen as the place to mature the casks for 180 days due to the strong air flow causing a consistent cool 10°C climate. The ‘angels' share’, a familiar concept in the whiskey aging process, is taken to another level with this Gin company. 

Enjoy this new Cave Aged Gin tasting experience on the rocks or paired with your choice of premium tonic & citrus garnish. 

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